1 thought on “Statement by Family (13 March ’14)

  1. Gerry Browne

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I have witnessed first hand whats going on in Irelands Health Care system because my father recently had a stroke. My entire family had to set up vigil at his bedside in shifts to prevent the system from killing him. During this episode which lasted about 4 weeks until he was out of danger we witnessed the ineptness of the system. We had to make sure he got his pain medication when prescribed and what was prescribed. He was left without it a couple of times at the beginning and got excruciating migranes from the pressure on his brain that drove his bp to 170 which for a stroke patient is like a lethal injection. From the top down you couldnt organize it worse. Im a small business owner in New York and would be bankrupt and in jail if I ran things like this. As you may have experienced, there are no assigned nurses to a patient. They rotate the nurses every shift. The nurses work 3-4 12 hour shifts and are off for 3-4 days before the rotation cycle starts again. This means that no one nurse will get to know a patient or there needs. This easily fixable and expenseless change could save so many lives and improve care quality. Next problem is that the head of the ward who has no interaction with the patients are the one who accompanies the doctor on the rounds. The ward head gets there info from bed charts which are filled out by nurses who have only 10-20 minutes of interaction with patient. The doctor makes rounds if its between Monday and Friday and they are not on holidays or have other pressing needs. In the four weeks that my father was in hospital he was seen by his assigned doctor 3 times. He is now in rehab and thats a whole other story.
    This is a small story compared to yours and widespread accross Ireland. It struck me how people just accepted this as the way things are. I applaud you and your fighting spirit. Your son has a difficult road ahead but at least you still have him and there are some improvements which keeps things positive. Keep fighting the fight.


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