The following playlist was compiled with the help of many of Pádraig’s friends. If there is a song missing, please let us know by posting a comment on this page.

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Little Talks by Monsters and Men
I remember well from last May when we finished our finals from college “little talks” by Monsters and Men was the song, Pádraig was always requesting. I hope to get up to Hamburg soon to see him again.

Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine
…Pádraig claiming ‘Wagon wheel’ by Old crow medicine to “probably”(!) be one of his favourite songs ever.

Time to Pretend by MGMT
Also another one that comes to mind is ‘time to pretend’ by mgmt-in 1st year of college, we were talking one night about how much we both really liked the song and then one morning a while after this i awoke to see that I had a voice msg from padraig consisting solely of this song being performed live at their concert!

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers
I’m sure you’re well aware of these tunes Pádraig likes, but they are evocative of the year we spent in the Scéim together because he played them all the time. And I mean ALL. THE. TIME!!!!! Anyone in the scéim would testify to that!

Ní Tú Mo Ghrá by Mo Hat Mo Gheansaí
As above

The Trailing Skirts of God by Bell X1
And of course Bell X 1, the upbeat rocky ones of course, but he pointedly sat me down and dissected the lyrics of “Trailing Skirts of God” once, impressing on me how good the lyrics were

Dream of Flying by Brian Crain
We listened2this type of thing lying on the floor of the Sceim pondering life

Starships by Nicki Minaj
He was obsessed with this in San Diego and played it again and again and again. He got annoyed if anyone tried to change it.

Mexico by Mundy
Also Mundy’s Mexico always makes me laugh because it reminds me of when he told me that he went to Mexico because he liked the song so much.

The Great Defector by Bell X1
I know some of these have already been mentioned–but Pádraig introduced me to Bell X1–(Meaning–he asked me how could I NOT know who they were?!?! and then made sure I had listened to their best before leaving Dublin)–in particular the song “The Great Defector,” which he had on repeat. He even took the time to break down the lyrics and make sure I knew what a “cornetto” was since we don’t call them that in the states to ensure I understood just how great the lyrics truly are!

Human by The Killers
Also, The Killers’ “Day & Age” album which he was obsessing about while at UK back in the day.

Spaceman by The Killers
See above.

This is Your Life by The Killers
Another night we were in his house and I was saying the Killers were good but heard they weren’t so good live, he stopped me there, put on a dvd of them live at The Royal Albert Hall saying they’re incredible, he particularly loved the crowd waving arms during ‘This is Your Life’

Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure
Loads of the songs that have already been mentioned epitimise the year on the Scéim and one more that stands out is The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry. We spent an AWFUL lot of time in Whelans over that year and this song is the quintessential Whelans song for a lot of us – An bhliain is fearr riamh inár saol!

Velcro by Bell X1
Also I remember walking home with him after a night out a couple years ago, I put on the radio on my phone for part of the walk, the 1st song that came on was ‘Velcro’ by Bell X1, as soon as he heard it told me to turn it up and started singing it saying it was one of his favourite songs.

Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol
He loved a lot Snow Patrol’s songs, ‘Just Say Yes’ springs to mind, can still picture him dancing to it.

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