Caring for Pádraig

This website was launched on 01 December 2013 to support the care for Pádraig. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions for the page, please email us.

Aim of Fundraising

While the initial aim, to raise the cost of Pádraig’s air ambulance to Hamburg (€12,000), has been achieved, fundraising will continue in order to cover expenses directly related to Pádraig’s care as decided by the Committee in charge of the accounts.

The fundraising committee would like to thank everybody who contributed directly, those who attended the fundraising events and also the organizers of the events. Pádraig and the Schaler Family will continue to need your support until Pádraig has made a full recovery. The fundraising committee hope you will continue to support them as fervently as you have over the last few months.

A Note on Insurance Cover and Costs met by Pádraig’s Family

Although Pádraig had been sold a travel insurance by Go4Less worth €6.5 million as part of his J1 summer working visa package, the insurers declined cover (under pressure, the insurance company eventually covered his air ambulance to Dublin ‘ex gratia’): Cycling for commuting purposes is considered in this policy as  “hazardous” under “sports and activity” and is therefore only covered when wearing a helmet (wearing a helmet is not a legal requirement in Massachusetts). Therefore, there was no cover for injury or resulting disability, loss of income, hospital treatment, nor the travel expenses of his family to Cape Cod. Hospital expenses in the USA were met by the overseas emergency cover of the family’s health insurance. Travel expenses to the USA were met by the family. The family is pursuing a civil case against the driver of the van that hit Pádraig, even though local police concluded that the local man did not have a case to answer.

In Germany, Pádraig has been insured by a public German Health Insurance company as a German citizen returning to live in the country. This insurance covers his hospital treatment in the Schön-Klinik in Hamburg-Eilbek.

A Note on the Fundraising

All funds raised will be used to ensure that Pádraig has the best care possible. All fundraising is co-ordinated by people outside of the family. Pádraig’s family itself is not involved in the organization of any fundraising events. All donations are administered by a Committee with a chairperson and secretary who are the only people authorized to disburse the funds. No member of Pádraig’s family is involved in the allocation of the donations made.

The Committee will report on the fundraising activities and the donations made.

Should Pádraig get better and not be in need of support any more, and funds remain, the committee will donate these funds to an appropriate charity.

The following are the members of the committee:

  • Eileen Kennedy (chair)
  • Mary Phelan (secretary)
  • Marie Butler (member)

How to Donate

Bank Account

AIB, Blackthorn Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.
Name on Account Caring For Padraig
Sort Code 93-35-70
Account Number 51728089
IBAN IE70 AIBK 9335 7051 7280 89


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations received

We will acknowledge any donations received. While we will not provide details on individual donations on this website, we will regularly update the amount of donations received through the public fundraising efforts as well as the number of donors who made the donations.

General Summary to 4 Feb 2014  €  Number of Donations/Pledges
BYOB Oiche ar son Phadraig  4,200.00  
TCD Gig do Phadraig -The  Workman’s Club  3,033.50  
Table Quiz  3,820.00  
Donations to AIB account  965.23 6
OnLine Donations (net)  5,847.54 98
Idonate pledges- Snamh Phadraig (net)  173.40 13
Idonate – Donation (net)  20.00 1
Total Donations Received  18,059.67  

(As per 04 Feb 2014)


Email: CaringforPadraig[at]gmail.com
You can reach Pádraig’s parents on +353-87-6736414

(Pádraig’s father writes a personal blog about the move to Germany at www.hospi-tales.org)

Last changed: 06 Feb 2014

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