Tennis for Pádraig – Dusk till Dawn

14 heroes gathered in the evening of 22 June 2019 in Charleville Lawn Tennis Club in Phibsborough to play the Tennis of their lives. They had gone out in their neighbourhoods and work places to ask their friends and acquaintances to support their effort to raise funding for Pádraig’s neuro-rehabilitation. They were going to play tennis From Dusk To Dawn for Pádraig.

The result of that incredible effort was not just more than a dozen really exhausted but really happy tennis players (most of them had exceeded their own expectations by managing to play for so many hours), but also an absolutely incredible fundraiser for Pádraig.

The players invited the family during the Open Week of their Club, on Thursday 11 July 2019, to a fabulous reception where Eugene, who had initiated this incredible event, welcomed all and handed over a gigantic cheque to Pádraig.

The family thanked everybody whole-heartedly for their enormous efforts and said that every cent of this fantastic fundraiser was going to be spent on Pádraig’s life-long rehabilitation.